Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baked Diabetes a.k.a. new camrea, new post

the day after my camera broke i went to the ritz store and got a fancy new one, this is the first post with my new camera. friday i got word from luke that there was gonna be some kinda food making at jake's house, so in the afternoon i headed over to jake's.

jake's house

when i got there no one was home

so i let myself in

but it turns out someone was home

jake's record setup

jake's room

jake's view

jake's tv, which for some reason was playing george lopez when i came in...erie

after alittle while luke showed up

then eventually jake showed up and they got down to baking

jake's lady friend

now what we got here is baked diabetes, its basically a bottom layer of brownie, with a skinny layer or hot fudge in the middle and then a layer of of cookie dough ontop of that. oh and its topped off with a nice c for christopher cause its in my name...which most things should be, but anyways this dish is pretty much guranteed to result in juvenile diabetes.

while we waited for the diabetes to bake alittle jam sesh broke out

then 40 minutes later

diabetes is served

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