Friday, July 26, 2013

fourth of july

woke up at 1 on 4th of july and mostly everyone was in the house ready to go...

jacob started the fire

there was melon

and crabs

and rozie

and mark

and a.b. with more melon and beer

 then into the car to jake's parent's house for swimmin and more grillin

oh, there was singing too

and barbara streisands

a.b.'s a fuckin freak


dirty hands

this was not me on the 4th of july

this was definitely kelly on the 4th of july

tiki barge?

this is not luke and me on the 4th of july

fucking freaks

i believe this was a bette midler attack

super steve?

enter drunk-luke

mud foot courtesy of drunk-luke 

wine assist 


go home.